When it comes to the floors of your home, carpets tend to be very popular due to the fact that they make the entire family feel at home, welcome and are soft and warm to boot. This feeling of warmth in the home can be attributed largely to the carpet that you use. You may […]

When it comes to getting your carpet cleaned professionally, one benefit that is frequently overlooked is the fact that the level of allergens becomes reduced in your house or office. Carpeting tends to be attractive to tiny allergens entering the home from boots, shoes or even from windows. Most likely, your carpets act like a […]

  We’re just so ecstatic that we’re sharing with you an emailed employee recognition letter from one of our clients. Here at J&M, we take great strides to provide above and beyond customer service and make sure that every job we do is to our client’s satisfaction. October 22, 2013 J & M Restoration 116 […]

You can smell it in the air – autumn is here! Although autumn starts officially on the 23rd of September, we’re already raring to do our fall cleaning, and what better way to start than with a Fall cleaning checklist courtesy of! See excerpt below:    

  With nonstop visits from friends and family, the holidays can truly be a hectic time filled with cooking special meals and shopping. However, cleaning for the holidays does not have to be an extra source of stress. There are a few tips and hints to keep your house sparkling clean during the holidays. After […]

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  Well the ‘ber’ months are fast approaching and now that the holidays are coming around the corner, more likely than not, you will have family and friends staying over your place from out of town. Making sure that your couch is squeaky clean will help ensure that your house guests won’t have to compromise […]

  You need professional grout and tile cleaning since DIY does not always cut it. Homeowners know that it is not easy to keep grout and tiles clean, particularly in a damp environment. Tiles in certain areas of the house such as the kitchen do not go through the same wear and tear as a […]

  No matter how frequently or how vigorously you clean, eventually your carpet becomes the victim of accidents, spills, drops or whatever is at the bottom of your slippers at home. Not to mention moulds and mildew. Learning the carpet cleaning secrets from global bloggers such as ChemDry at blog will help you become […]

School’s out and if your child isn’t attending any kind of summer camp, or summer training/activity of sorts, then for sure your child will be bored a few minutes into the summer break.   Not if you can’t help it though. The good folks at buzzfeed have posted this incredibly useful article that can help […]

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