3 Reasons to Clean your Carpet

Three Reasons Your Carpet Needs A Good Cleaning

3 Reasons to Clean your CarpetWhen it comes to the floors of your home, carpets tend to be very popular due to the fact that they make the entire family feel at home, welcome and are soft and warm to boot. This feeling of warmth in the home can be attributed largely to the carpet that you use. You may be vacuuming your carpets regularly but is this enough? The wear and tear a carpet gets from constantly being walked on will require professional cleaning on a regular quarterly basis. If you have never had your carpets cleaned professionally in the past, all you need to do is to call for a consultation from a professional carpet cleaner to enjoy fresh smelling, squeaky clean carpets that your bare feet will love.


Safer for Kids

When you have kids in the home, it is important to make sure your carpets are germ-free. To do this, get a consultation from a great carpet cleaning company such as J and M and they will be able to tell you how badly your carpets need cleaning and ensure the safety and hygiene of the rug. This way, whenever the kids decide to roll around, romp and play on every inch of the carpet, you can rest assured that they will remain healthy. Particularly during the holiday season, getting your carpet professionally cleaned is extra important, as there may be more kids and kids at heart coming over.

 A Big Investment

Carpeting happens to be one of the home’s biggest investments. It is important to thoroughly clean stains and also do a regular vacuuming of your carpet. Eventually, you will most likely need the help of a carpet cleaning service. A good company like J and M is able to bring life back to your carpets. Between professional cleanings, however, there are a few things you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet.

No Shoes

On carpets, shoes can leave behind gems and dirt. Make sure to use a strong vacuum to get rid of loose grime before even applying liquid cleaning solutions. If there is a lot of loose dirt of the carpet and you already apply cleaners, basically what will happen is that you will simply stir the dirt around as you scrub the carpet. After the carpet has dried from the cleaning solution, give it another vacuuming. This way, your carpet remains both dust free and stain free, which is a great way to maintain your carpet between professional cleanings by J & M.

In the event you plan on applying DIY carpet cleaning chemicals on your carpet by yourself, make sure that you are aware of what ingredients the chemicals and liquid carpet cleaners actually contain so that you will know whether these are safe to use or may ruin your carpets. As a matter of fact if you made a huge investment and bought a very expensive carpet, it might be a better idea to hire an expert professional carpet cleaner for best results. This way, you get longer lasting, cleaner carpets that you are sure won’t be damaged by harsh DIY cleaners from the dollar store.