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Carpet Cleaning Secrets from Bloggers Around the World

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No matter how frequently or how vigorously you clean, eventually your carpet becomes the victim of accidents, spills, drops or whatever is at the bottom of your slippers at home. Not to mention moulds and mildew. Learning the carpet cleaning secrets from global bloggers such as ChemDry at blog will help you become ultra self sufficient at keeping your own carpets clean as can be. Knowing how bloggers around the world and in your own country deal with the same carpet issues as you do at home is going to go a long way into you being able to expertly clean your own carpet with confidence. The benefits of a clean carpet are truly countless and knowing what to do yourself when a stain needs to be removed will save you tons of trouble since you won’t have to call anyone or rely on anyone to do it for you.

Kevin Loomes of says Regular Cleaning is a Must

To keep your carpet looking new, fresh and free of moulds, it is essential to do regular carpet cleaning. You can do this using a steam cleaner’s water jet with a solution for cleaning used. The way this works is that deep in the carpet, there is injected pressure with the nozzles of a steam cleaner. Debris and dirt are extracted by the solution within the carpet. Water then penetrates the fibers all the way through and any grease deposits, oil and soil are loosened. This gets your carpet ultra clean and the frequency of deep carpet cleaning is every six months when you have a family of four and twice that frequency for a family of more.  You can also read more about deep cleaning at:

Fight Grease with Detergent and other advice from

When your carpet has a grease stain, all you need to do is to use the same dishwashing detergent you use on your dishes. This method is best when it comes to hard to clean stains of grease. All you need to do is to use one cup water with a couple of drops of the detergent. This will cut through carpet grease the way it does with all the dirty dishes. You can even put the solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray the stains. Blot this up with paper towels. If the stains happen to be larger, go ahead and do this a couple more times, making sure to cover the entire size of the stain and going inwards rather than outwards.  Experienced carpet stain removers will tell you that going outwards rather than inwards on a stain can cause it to get even bigger.

The Shaving Cream Carpet Solution

Believe it or not, ordinary shaving cream is the best cleaner for just about every type of stain on your carpet. To get the carpet stains removed, directly apply the shaving cream to the area that needs the stains removed and let this set for about half an hour. Once you see that a half hour has passed, begin using a dry white cloth to blot the set shaving cream. You can then take a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water to rinse off the shaving cream.  Use a cloth to wipe this away and let the carpet air dry good as new.

Using Club Soda the Right Way

You may have heard that when it comes to stains from wine or beer, club soda is truly effective among other solutions at  Once you make a few attempts with club soda you will soon see that this only holds true if it is used correctly. When you want to remove a stain using club soda, all you need to do is to take a cloth and apply some club soda on it. Next, blot the area from outwards towards inwards and make sure that you do not rub. Of course, most people have the immediate instinct to rub a stain but this is never a good idea. Experienced carpet cleaners know how detrimental this can actually be for their carpet. When you try the club soda approach and see that it does nothing to the stain, you can then mix one part water and one part vinegar into a handy sprayer.  Spritz a few sprays to the entire area with the stain and let this soak in for about fifteen minutes. To completely eradicate the stain, you might have to do this two or three times. One you see that the stain has gone, the spot should then be rinsed using lukewarm water. Get the strands of the carpet into the direction it goes in naturally by using your hand to brush the strands. Once this is done, you can then take a few paper towels and apply this over the stained area. Use something heavy like a large coffee table book to weigh this down. The carpet’s dampness will then become absorbed by the paper towels. Until the carpet becomes dry, leave the paper towels where they are. It usually takes about one day or twenty four hours for your carpet to be completely restored when done this way.

Don’t Rub. Blot Instead

When it comes to stains, not rubbing them is important no matter how much you have a sudden urge to vigorously get rid of it. Instead, blot stains by dabbing them with a sponge, paper towel or clean cloth that is soaked with a cleaning solution. Blotting is the key as this puts pressure in small amounts on the stain for it to soak up the solution. When you rub a stain on your carpet no matter how big or small it is, the rubbed stain results in parts of it spreading to other fibers in the carpet. This can lead not only to a bigger stain but also to the fibers prematurely breaking down when it really doesn’t have to be like that. Blotting from outwards going inwards is always the recommendation when it comes to carpet stains. If you go the other way, you will soon find that the stain may spread outwards instead of disappearing, which leads to more work on your part. Find out more at