A significant amount of J & M’s work comes directly from assignments made by professionals within the claims departments of insurance companies, and home builder warranty companies. J & M is a preferred mitigation / remediation vendor for a number of these companies in the Phoenix area.

One of the primary benefits of working with J & M is our capacity to get any size job done quickly and completely. We have invested over $2,000,000 in specialized equipment and technology.

Based on our experience in the insurance industry, J & M’s technicians have been trained to:

  • Address the homeowner’s immediate issues in order to reduce claim-related damages.
  • Work within the guidelines set forth by each insurance company. For example, obtaining adjuster approval before removing carpet, before perforating walls, before cutting drywall, or before disposing of damaged contents.
  • Differentiate between claim-related damages and pre-existing damages.
  • Identify subrogation and obtain the proper documentation and evidence to support it.

J & M uses a number of state-of-the-art “Job Documentation” protocols. One of these is “Moisture Mapper” which meets or exceeds IICRC S-500 Standards. To see a sample of the moisture mapper report please go here.

This detailed documentation is designed to give you and / or your insurance adjuster a comprehensive overview of the work completed.This cost-free, immediate, neat, accurate, and comprehensive loss documentation promotes accurate and cost-effective claim solutions.

All of our documentation includes:

  • A Loss Report noting the areas affected, damages observed to the structure and contents, subrogation comments, and services completed to date.
  • Digital photos of the areas affected and claim-related damages.
  • Diagram of the loss including measurements.
  • Moisture Mapping Sheets that note the moisture content of the affected structural materials.
  • Drying Logs that note the Temperature, Relative Humidity, GPP, and Grain
  • Depression of the affected areas of the loss, as well as an unaffected area to serve as a comparison.
  • Invoicing based on agreed pricing with the Insurance Company.
  • Timely and accurate communication with the insurance company’s claims adjuster via phone, fax, and email.

Our loss report and related paperwork enables adjusters to address subrogation, separate prior damages from those associated with the claim event, set appropriate reserves on a claim, and address structural and content damages beyond mitigation / remediation.

J & M is firmly committed to professionally handling all of our assignments. It is our hope that this commitment serves as an extension of the level of service you already provide your valued policyholders.

Below is a complete listing of our services. Please take a few minutes and review the work documentation and equipment sections of the site.

We’re members
in good standing with the IICRC, RIA and IAQA

Traditional Home Owner Services
Area Rug Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning (Truck mounted / rotary extraction)

  • Carpet Dying
  • Carpet Repair
  • Carpet Stretching and Retacking
    Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Tile/Grout Staining & Sealing
    Upholstery Cleaning
  • Synthetic Fibers (Steam cleaning)
  • Natural Fibers (Dry cleaning)
    Odor Elimination
  • Extreme Odor Removal (Ozone equipment)
  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Smokers’ Odor Removal
    Residential Air Duct Cleaning
    Concrete Cleaning
Water Damage Services 
Flood Damage (1 call does it all)
Quick Water Extraction
Quick Drying any size building or location
Sewage Extraction
Water / Mold Damage Repairs
Remedial Orchestration (Remediation, Relocation,
Air Quality Testing, Rebuild of Demolition)
Rebuild of Remediated Homes
Leak Detections – Using Thermal Imaging Camera
Inspection and Job Scope for Prolonged
Water Damage
MOLD Testing and Complete Remediation
Air Quality Testing by Certified Microbiologist
Real Estate Services
Emergency Carpet Cleaning and Immediate Drying 
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Restoration 
Refresh Matted and Old Carpet (Clean iIt with rotary 
extraction before you replace it)
Odor Removal or Elimination Including Cigarette Smoke
Tile & Grout Cleaning – Tile/Grout Staining & Sealing
Residential Air Duct Cleaning
Flood and Water Damage
Concrete Cleaning

J & M Restoration in Phoenix, AZ