Job Documentation

Computerized Damage Estimates


J & M’s professional staff will provide a detailed computerized damage estimate which includes:


  • An itemized room-by-room cleaning and repair cost estimate.
  • J & M uses the Xactimatedamage estimating systems.
  • All Account Managers are based on industry approved standards and allow J & M to perform its job within the allowable cost factors of the insurance company’s guidelines.

Computerized Damage Estimates


In this section you’ll find examples of J & M’s state-of-the-art “Job Documentation.”This detailed documentation is designed to give you and / or your insurance adjuster a comprehensive overview of the work completed.This cost-free, immediate, neat, accurate, and comprehensive loss documentation promotes accurate and cost-effective claim solutions. All the documentation meets IICRC S-500 Standards.


“After your job is completed we suggest you keep the completed documentation in a binder for easy-to find, future reference.”



Xactware™, Inc. provides computer software solutions for professionals involved in estimating all phases of building construction and repair.


Xactimate helps contractors and insurance adjusters estimate repairs much faster and more accurately than they ever could before.


Since then Xactimate has evolved into a high-powered package complete with a patented plan-sketching program.


Today, Xactimate is the number one estimating solution for the insurance repair industry.


It is used by 80% of American restoration contractors and 8 of the top 10 property insurers to determine the cost of repairs.


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