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S.T.E.P. Ahead – Equipment & Technology
J & M’s Thermal Imaging Services


Sophisticated Thermal Imaging Cameras cost over $12,000 each, so very few firms invest in the technology. J & M has a long standing commitment to stay “A Step Ahead” to give you the best state of the art services … so we have invested in 3 of these high tech devices, and use them everyday to deliver our Step Ahead Services.


We can control mold by finding unknown sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected.


Infrared or thermal scanning is the fastest most efficient way to provide 100% moisture detection coverage.


The key advantages of J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections are:


  1. It helps us find moisture sources and water intrusion quickly.
  2. It helps us eliminate surprises – by being able to see into the walls and ceiling of a structure we can find hidden problem areas that may not be apparent to a visual inspection.
  3. It lets us evaluate the progress evaluate progress of drying jobs.
  4. It lets us verify if repairs are completed or not.
  5. It gives you and your insurance company a more detailed report for your assurance.


How the process works:


The thermal imaging camera reads temperature differentials in a material and uses them to create a heat map picture. Because an area that is wet remains a few degrees cooler than areas that are dry, the thermal imaging camera is able to show at a glance any possible areas of concern.


These areas can then be tested with traditional moisture meters.


The camera is priceless on large losses where meter readings can take hours but are necessary to determine optimum placement of drying equipment. On smaller losses, the camera can be used to show property owners and insurance professionals exactly where moisture lies, and to monitor the daily progress of the drying.


Additionally, the camera is useful when dealing with roof leaks, allowing us to find which areas have been effected without putting unnecessary holes in the ceiling. This accuracy translates to lower costs for the insurance company and fewer headaches for the property owner. (Take a look at the Thermography Investigations shown below.)

 J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections
 J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections

The visual inspection on the left shows nothing. The thermal image inspection on the right shows hidden moisture from an upstairs shower leak. Dangerous Hidden Mold discovered by the thermal camera behind a “bad water leak repair”.Someone tried to cut corners. The blue indicates excess moisture in the wall below the sink, that became HIDDEN MOLD.


 J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections

This image shows the studs behind drywall as it looks to the naked eye.The image on the right shows that same area using the thermal imaging camera.The blue indicates cooler temperatures, showing that moisture has wicked up the drywall.


 J & M’s Thermal Image Inspections

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