Most property owners dread water damage and for good reason. When snow melts too fast or there is heavy rain, there is an increase in water damage. Thousands of dollars of damage can be caused by water. It affects plumbing equipment, household appliances, electronics, upholstery and wooden furniture. There is also an increase in the […]

Given their intricate designs and functionality, it is no wonder that many homes in the country today own a carpet or two. In fact, most families opt for wall-to-wall carpeting, particularly in bedrooms and living spaces such as dens and family rooms. If not wall-to-wall carpeting, then most families own at least a snug little […]

Do you notice yourself suffering from one allergy after another? Do you feel that you sneeze for no apparent reason many times a day? Your indoor air may be the culprit. Quality air indoors is very important. Compared to outdoor air, indoor air is sometimes more polluted. This is particularly an issue when there are […]

Water damage can be one of the more expensive problems you will face as a homeowner. If you do not prevent your home from water damage, your foundation can weaken and you might find yourself living in a house with a compromised structural integrity. Aside from this, the dampness can introduce mildew and mold that […]

It’s time to put away your light clothing as summer has officially ended. With the fall season upon us, it is a wonderful time to embrace new changes, as while the trees may shed their leaves, all of nature would once again wake up once spring comes. Yet while fall is an exciting concept, with […]

There can be a lot of damage caused by water in unwanted places in your home. Not only can your house be ruined but also the prized possessions it stores. You can possibly save some of your possessions and minimize damage. Your success will be determined by how long the water has been around. If […]

Arizona (AZ) is the sixth largest state in the United States of America (USA) having 15 counties and 90 cities. Arizona is made up of 30 percent desert, 17 percent mountainous areas and 53 percent middle ground. Weather conditions and temperatures in this landlocked state vary extremely depending on the state and the time of the […]

Air duct cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. It is done to get rid of dirt, dust, dander and other bacteria that’s been harboring in your ventilation system. But more than that, why is it so imperative for air ducts to be well-maintained and cleaned? Here are three main reasons why. Air quality […]

Water damage is every homeowner’s nightmare. Aside from the mess and damage it brings to a property, it also causes stress and even a huge dent in a household’s finances. Water damage can occur due to heavy rains or floods, broken pipes, leaks, and clogged drainage. Regardless of the how and why it happened, you […]

Here are a few tips from carpet care and restoration company J & M Inc. on how to restore the beauty of your carpets using products around your house.   Candle Wax STEPS: 1. Scrape off excess material. 2. Cover with brown paper. 3. Apply warm iron until material is absorbed. Be sure paper is […]

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