Tips for Your Carpet to Last a Lifetime

A carpet is a kind of textile used to cover the floor. It is usually made of wool, but in the early 20th century, carpets that are made of synthetic fiber, nylon, polypropylene, and polyester became popular because it is cheaper than the wool. The term Carpet comes from an old French word “carpite.”

4 Types of Carpet

Generally, carpets function in a variety of ways, such as an insulator of a person’s foot from a cold floor, and there are some who use a special carpet for praying, and of course, an additional decoration to every home. There are at least four types of carpet, namely woven, needlefelt, knotted, and tufted.

  • Woven carpets are those who are produced on a loom kind of fabric similar to woven fabric. These carpets are the most expensive and are famous in India, Pakistan, and Arabia.
  • Needle Felt carpets are the technologically advanced carpets. It is produced by the intermingling and felting synthetic fibers. You can find these kinds of carpets in hotels and restaurants.
  • Knotted carpets are those carpets that are knotted by hands and is popular in European countries and the Middle East.
  • Lastly, Tufted carpets are those carpets that have piles injected to the backing material.

How to Maintain Your Carpet

Some people have doubts when buying carpets as they say it is very hard to keep and most of them don’t last longer. Some carpet owners get annoyed when they see their carpet has stains and starts to show some signs of being old. A carpet should be replaced in 7 years; however, homeowners would really like it to last longer than that.

Here are some tips for taking care of your carpet to make it last longer:

  • Rearranging Your Furniture. Periodically rearranging your furniture is advisable to avoid leaving trail marks on your carpet and also to prevent dust and dirt from building up.
  • Get a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping the floor is just not enough, especially if you have a very nice carpet in the house. Sweeping will not take away bread crumbs and small bits of dirt stuck in your carpet. It can only be removed using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Professional Cleaner. At least once a year, you should hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the cleaning for you. Consider it an investment in prolonging the life expectancy of your carpet to more than seven years.
  • Clean the Spots right away. You can’t avoid spills from coffee, juice, and wine, but you can clean the spots of the spills right away to avoid leaving a mark on your precious carpet.
  • No shoes inside the house. Shoes are the best tool for germs and dirt to stick and get inside your house. About 97% of shoes that come in and out of your house and other public places attracts dirt, mud, and worse, fecal matters. You can put a shoe rack near the entrance of the house so that your guests and family members can remove their shoes before entering. This way, your carpet will be safe from any dirt.

Keeping your carpet always clean and taking care of them the right way will extend its lifetime use. It may sound expensive at first, but in the long run, you can save more by not buying a new carpet every year because of stains and dirt that can’t be removed.