Keeping the Bugs Away: Why you should regularly clean your carpet

Do you regularly clean your carpet? Do you take vacuuming as cleaning the carpet? Do you think that it is enough to remove few stains and a reasonable amount of dust from your carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner? Have you thought of the germs and termites hiding under your carpet?

You are not alone, most people think that vacuum cleaning is enough for cleaning their carpet. Vacuum Cleaners are only able to remove few kind of stains, particles and dust from your carpet and most of the vacuum cleaners are even unable to do that properly. Our skin also wears off after every few days which is food for the termites and makes the carpet a favorable place for the germs.

Cleaning the carpet properly not only with the help of a vacuum cleaner but also with the help of other eco-friendly ways is not only good for the beauty of your place but also for you and the people around you. You need to remove the chances of bacterial growth and a moist carpet is one of the best places for the bacterial growth.

  1. Remove pollutants and hinder bacterial growth

    Carpets have life, too. To increase the life of carpets and improve the hygiene of the place, one of the recommended methods is by professional cleaning because professionals know how to do it properly. Deep cleaning done once a year is one of the best things you can do for your place. 1

  2. Improves air quality

    A clean carpet is necessary for improving the appearance of any place. If the carpet is not clean it has a negative impact on your visitors. Not only does the appearance matters but the air quality inside the room can be improved with the help of a clean carpet. The air quality depends on the number of air pollutants inside a certain place. But when there are minimal chances of dust and other air pollutants then the quality is obviously going to be better.2

  3. Removal of Odor

    There is a certain odor left even after removing the dust from the carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Mostly when the carpet has a bit of moisture in it. 3The odor is extremely unpleasant and is not welcoming for anyone. Deep cleansing can remove the odor and keep the carpet fresh smelling. A clean, fresh carpet adds to the beauty and comfort of a certain place and with the help of proper cleaning not only does its freshness increase but also its life expectancy.4

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