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Infographics: DIY Carpet Stain Removal Guide

Here are a few tips from carpet care and restoration company J & M Inc. on how to restore the beauty of your carpets using products around your house.


Candle Wax
1. Scrape off excess material.
2. Cover with brown paper.
3. Apply warm iron until material is absorbed. Be sure paper is large enough to cover the stained area. Take care never to touch the iron to the carpet as the fiber might melt.
4. Change paper or rotate to clean area and repeat until all material is absorbed.

1. Blot up excess spill with a paper towel.
2. Apply detergent solution (mix ½ tsp. Dishwashing Detergent & 1 Cup Warm Water), use damp towel, leave 3-5 minutes.
3. Blot-don’t rub.
4. Apply white vinegar (undiluted), using a dampened towel.
5. Blot-finish with weighted pad of towels.

Fruit Juice
1. Blot up excess spill using a paper towel.
2. Apply dry baking solution.
3. Scrape and vacuum.
4. Water-using a damp sponge to rinse remaining baking soda. Don’t over wet.
5. Blot-don’t rub.
6. Apply pre-soak solution using a dampened towel.
7. Water-rinse as above.
8. Blot-don’t rub-dry well.
9. Apply powdered carpet cleaner.
10. Vacuum.

Things to Remember:
• Not all carpet fibers will react the same way when they are treated for stains.
• Before proceeding with any of these cleaning procedures, we recommend you contact the carpet manufacturer for their suggested maintenance guidelines.
• Failure to follow these guidelines may void your warranty.
• J & M Inc. is not responsible for the use or misuse of these spotting procedures.
• For further assistance, please call us at (480) 409-7281.

DIY Carpet Stain Removal Guide Infographics

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