Clean Red Carpet

Why Should You Carpet Clean?

Clean Red CarpetYou look down at your carpet and it looks fine to you. After all, you vacuum it a few times a week and it looks clean, but is it really clean? Sure, the dust and hair may be vacuumed up, but what about the things in the roots of the carpet, down deep, that have sat and festered for upwards of five years? Can your vacuum get any of that? Probably not, and that is why you need to make sure you have your carpet cleaned.


Typically, deep carpet cleaning should be done once per year, but if you have a household full of children, you may want to get your carpet cleaned at least once every six months.

One of the biggest reasons to carpet clean is that it ensures your carpet will last a lot longer than if you don’t. Carpet cleaning on a regular basis can add years onto your carpet by protecting it from the dirt and grime that can slowly erode it. Doing carpet cleaning once or twice a year will be cheaper than buying a new carpet a few years down the road.

Air quality is important, especially if you have anyone in your home with breathing problems. Protecting that air quality in your home can be done a variety of ways, but one way that is often forgotten is through cleaning the carpet. Carpets trap a great deal of pollutants, and that can lower the air quality over time. Cleaning a carpet can keep those pollutant levels from increasing in your home.

If you are selling a home, or you just want a room to look great, there are few better ways to do that than with carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning can make a room seem brand new, and for an office, it can actually improve the morale of your employees. Having a carpet clean also gives an overall increased amount of cleanliness to a home or office, and that is worth a carpet cleaning every time.

Mites and bugs, especially bed bugs, can live for years in your carpet and you may not even know it. If you don’t like the thought of those things living there, you can get your carpet cleaned and that will remove them from your carpet, and from your home. The same is true of mold. Mold can build up in a carpet over time if it is not cleaned. Mold can cause many different health problems for individuals over time, so cleaning a carpet can ensure that does not happen.

One interesting point that many people don’t realize is that your carpet has a warranty, and if you don’t do carpet cleaning, you can actually void the warranty. Most warranties require that the carpet be cleaned at least once a year, or once every year-and-a-half.

If you have a carpet, you are going to want to clean it, there is no way around it. It will make your home feel cleaner, you will feel healthier, and all it takes is a quick carpet clean to do it.