Applying the Science of Psychrometry

Applying the Science of Psychrometry to Our State of the Art – Structural Drying Procedures

Psychrometric ChartApplying the Science of PsychrometrySimply put, psychrometry is the science of drying.


Understanding these conditions and their relationship to each other will assist in determining what equipment will be needed as well as how long it will take to dry a structure and its contents.


Using a thermal-hygrometer, the temperature and relative humidity of the air can be determined.


Combined with a moisture meter to measure hidden moisture we can get an accurate picture to determine the optimum procedures.


With these readings we can determine the specific humidity or the grains of moisture per pound of air (gpp), using a psychrometric chart (see above).


This will tell us how much actual water is being held in the air, both inside a building and outside a building.


Tracking and recording these numbers daily assures you of a successful job completion.


Psychrometry is just one of the technical aspects of precision restoration drying.


You’ll see us use this science in all our Moisture Mapper Reports & Insurance Reports.
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