Pad Down Drying or Extreme Water Extraction

Hydro-X Xtreme XTractor“Lets us remove large quantities of water without destroying or removing the carpet and pad!”


Using the Hydro-X Xtreme XTractor lets us get your job done faster, and because the water is gone in hours there’s no chance for mold or mildew getting started. Most extraction techniques use suction only. Typical extraction utilizes a wand and truck. The Hydro-Xtreme Extractor uses TWO extraction methods:


Downward pressure and a patented compression roller and Suction.
The Hydro-X Xtractor’s patented Suction Roller provides both suction and compression— forcing water to the surface then sucking the water away, not allowing the water to be reabsorbed back into the carpet and pad.


Think of it as squeezing a sponge… forcing the water to the surface then sucking it away.


This extractor is recognized by insurance companies as the best tool on the market.


Hydro-X Xtreme XTractorThe Phoenix Hydro-X Xtractor has been proven in testing by Shaw industries (the largest carpet manufacturer in the world) and The Society for Cleaning Restoration Technicians to be the most effective and efficient extraction tool on the market today.


And has received “The Carpet and Rug Institute’s” highest rating a (GOLD) seal of approval for effectiveness and performance.
J & M Restoration in Phoenix, AZ