Drying Technologies Available in Arizona

Drying TechnologiesThe work horses of our advanced structural drying systems are the Phoenix 200 & 300 High Capacity LGR Dehumidifiers and Air Movers.


These equipment components are used to create isolated “Vortex Drying Chambers” throughout a structure.


The primary benefit of using this technology is that it saves time and money by drying the carpet, pad, subfloors, drywall, etc in place instead of paying for replacement.


The Phoenix 300 has the capacity to pull 38 gallons of water out of the air per day.


We’ve invested in “The Capacity” to perform in an Instant, when you need us.


You have to have the capacity to do BIG Jobs in multiple locations. J & M, Inc. has always been committed to SPEED and Capacity.
J & M Restoration in Phoenix, AZ