Thinking About Air Duct Cleaning?

DIY Versus Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Thinking About Air Duct Cleaning?If you have been wondering about DIY versus professional air duct cleaning you are not alone. More and more homes in America and around the world have noticed a difference in air quality when air ducts are cleaned and think about whether this is something they can do themselves or if they need to call a professional. Through the air ducts of your cooling and heating HVAC system in the home, air circulates and carries debris and dust that comes with daily living. The filter of the furnace catches a lot of the stuff but remodeling projects, neglect or shoddy installation of ducts can lead to the ductwork building up gunk that threatens your system’s efficiency.


DIY Duct Cleaning
Ducts need to be cleaned when you notice more family members getting allergies in one form or another and you have cancelled out all other possible reasons for this. The fact is that ducts can become clogged with debris such as molds and mildew, pet hair or excessive dust. This is particularly true when the ducts have never been cleaned and the home is an older house built many years ago. The number one advantage of doing the duct cleaning yourself is to save on costs. To clean the ducts yourself, you will need a vacuum cleaner, paper towels, a rag and a cleaning brush. Make sure there are no small objects near the ducts when you remove the cover, as these may fall in. Use a vacuum cleaner hose to reach within the duct as far as you can go. Naturally, a professional cleaning service will be able to reach much deeper but without professional tools, a homeowner will need to make do with a vacuum cleaner. Once vacuuming is done, use a screwdriver to put the grill plates back.

Professional Duct Cleaning
No matter how well you do other DIY projects, duct cleaning is really done best by professionals for the main reason that they have the right tools to reach far into the ducts. Homeowners who are not accustomed to doing handy work will also benefit from professional services. Duct cleaning companies are certified by the NADCA or the National Air Duct Cleaners Association which sets standards for cleaning air ducts. This gives homeowners the assurance that the air ducts in their home will be cleaned according to certain standards and specifications using the proper tools. This may save you costs in the long run as your ducts will get cleaned thoroughly without any damages done by improper cleaning methods. For this reason, more and more homeowners have resorted to calling in the professionals to clean their air ducts. After all, when you want something as important as this done, you want to make sure it is done right. When you call in a professional air duct cleaning company, you get the entire full service cleaning of the cooling and heating unit as well as the air ducts cleaned.

In the end, whether you choose to DIY air duct cleaning or get a professional to do it for you – the winner, ultimately – of the benefits of a clean air duct is you.