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Why Clean Air Ducts? 3 Important Reasons You Need to Consider

Why Clean Air Ducts? 3 Important Reasons You Need to ConsiderAir duct cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. It is done to get rid of dirt, dust, dander and other bacteria that’s been harboring in your ventilation system. But more than that, why is it so imperative for air ducts to be well-maintained and cleaned? Here are three main reasons why.

  1. Air quality

Aside from food and water, we get our sustenance from the air we breathe. In fact, the body gets 60% of its energy from air. Unlike food and water, air is harder to regulate when meeting proper health standards. In most cases, air is taken for granted and most people assume that once indoors, whether in offices or homes, it is already clean. However, that’s not mostly the case.

It is found that within a year, about 40 pounds of dirt accumulate in a house with six rooms. It’s typically made up of dander, dust, and chemicals that mill around for five to seven times in a day through your ventilation system, which ultimately leads to their build-up in air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts will get rid of this build-up and may help improve air quality in the process.

  1. Health

As of today, there’s no direct link between improved health and clean air ducts, and research is still underway. However, there are enough positive reviews and testimonials that shed light on the possible positive effects of air duct cleaning to overall well-being. For instance, there were reports of improved allergy situations or less dust in homes after air duct cleaning was conducted.

Meanwhile, some data point to possible health hazards associated with dirty air ducts. For instance, it is estimated that every year, $1 billion dollars are spent on medical costs and $60 billion were lost on sick leaves and production losses as a result of poor air quality.

More so, Legionnaire’s Disease developed in air-conditioning ducts, and killed 29 people in 1976 and seven people in the summer of 1988 in Los Angeles.

  1. Energy Savings

Air duct cleaning also helps with saving energy. When there’s an accumulation of contaminants and dirt in your heating and cooling system, it may cause your ventilation equipment to go on overdrive and consume more energy than needed, which results to a higher electricity bill. It is found that dirty coils and blowers can reduce energy efficiency by 40%.

If you want to cut down on your electricity bill, see how air duct cleaning can help you. You will not only save dollars in the process, but also help protect the environment.


When is the Right Time for Air Duct Cleaning?

It is recommended to schedule air duct cleanings once every three to five years, but that’s just the rule of thumb. The right time to clean your air ducts depend on several factors. For instance, if you have allergies, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned annually. If you live with pets, smoke inside your home, conducted renovations or experienced weather changes, you may also need to schedule cleanings more often.

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