Air Duct Cleaning in Arizona

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Highly Needed for Arizona Homes

Air Duct Cleaning in Arizona

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Arizona (AZ) is the sixth largest state in the United States of America (USA) having 15 counties and 90 cities. Arizona is made up of 30 percent desert, 17 percent mountainous areas and 53 percent middle ground. Weather conditions and temperatures in this landlocked state vary extremely depending on the state and the time of the year. AZ has four seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring but among those summer season is the longest one compared to the others.

Summer Season

Summer season in AZ is from May to end of October and in this dry season something is rampant – dust storms.

During this period temperature in AZ rise to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and intensifies to 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit and this temperature will not subside until the end of October.

For six months, AZ’s surroundings is dry and the land is very much dehydrated. As a result of intense heat, dust levels increases even causing tornados. During these times a dust storm with red clay dusts is inevitable. Dust storms, which are known to be dirtier than regular sand storms, increases wind level to 30 to 50 miles per hour (mph) causing dust and its filthy components to spread around and enter homes and commercial buildings.

Given the weather condition that AZ has and how it can be dirty during summer time due to the widespread occurrence of dust storms, residents should therefore maintain their air ducts clean and acquire cleaning services to keep themselves protected from dirt.

  • Air Duct and its part in the cooling/heating process

Air ducts are an important part of the house because it carries cooled or heated air inside the house’s premises. With that in mind, it also brings in dirt and debris if not cleaned regularly and properly.

  • Lowered Energy Costs

With ACs running 24 hours just to keep the house cooled, energy costs are expected to increase but making sure your air ducts are clean and free of dust and debris will keep your ACs efficiency at optimum levels. A dirty air duct means you’ll have to crank up the AC temp just to keep your home/office cooled down which means more money spent on electricity bills.

  • Indoor Air Quality

Air ducts are important in the household and should be maintained well for it not to contain dust, dirt, and bacteria from outside pollutants. Research shows that cleaner air ducts have several benefits such as allergy prevention and improved air regulation.

The sweltering heat of the Arizona summer is upon us, have you had your air ducts cleaned yet?

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