Carpet Cleaning FYI

Why you need to clean carpet fibers from all angles to really get them clean.

Carpet fibers are ROUND! And to get completely clean the entire fiber you have to clean all around the fiber – this requires a circular cleaning motion.


Wands only go over and clean the fibers in 1 or 2 directions. The RX 20 cleans all angles, and in all directions automatically.


Why is the RX20 deep extraction technology better than a wand?

The manual scrub “wand” is a good cleaning tool for cleaning lightly soiled carpet. When cleaning more heavily soiled carpet, the wand becomes a ‘beast of burden. Cleaning results depend upon the strength, stamina, and technique of the person working the wand. Cleaning heavily soiled carpets with a scrub wand is ‘hard labor. The repetitive motion of scrubbing back and forth is extremely strenuous and fatiguing, AND in most cases does NOT clean the carpet fibers in all directions, (the RX20 cleans in 5 directions).


Basically an individual with a “wand” can’t scrub long enough, deep enough, or from enough angles…to effectively clean your carpets as well as the RX 20.


Carpet Cleaning FYICarpet is basically constructed in two types of piles: loop pile or cut pile. Patterned carpet is a combination of both loop and cut yarns or variations of loops set to different pile heights.


Most carpet today is tufted, rather than woven. The tufting process is similar to using a large sewing machine that is about 13 feet wide with 100 of needles that sew the yarn into a synthetic backing. The majority of carpet sold today are made from nylon fibers twisted into yarns and then tufted into carpet.


How long a carpet will retain its like new texture and appearance is based on 2 major factors: 1- the manufacturing process including: type of fiber, how tight the yarns are twisted and heat set, pile density, and how tightly the tufts are packed together.


And 2- the carpet maintenance you provide. Obviously, by NOT vacuuming your carpets regularly, and NOT having regular professional cleanings, NOT using carpet protectant, or by using improper cleaning methods will negatively affect the appearance and life of your carpet as well.


“Looking at these various types of carpet weaves you can see why the RX 20 does the BEST job AND why cleaning the fibers from all directions is so important!”


Berber CarpetBerber Carpet

Berber is NOT a type of carpet, but a type of weave of a carpet. Berber can be bought
in many different carpet fiber types like nylon, wool, polyester, polypropylene (Olefin), PET and other blends.


Berber carpets are really just big loops of yarn. Berbers are generally made from polypropylene or wool and are either produced in a level loop, or multi-level loop carpet or cut pile construction.

Cut Pile Saxony CarpetsCut Pile Saxony Carpets

  • Generally made in solid colors
  • Surface has a smooth appearance
  • Generally made with nylon fibers
  • Good performance and appearance
  • Works well with traditional or formal room settings

Textured Cut Pile Saxony CarpetTextured Cut Pile Saxony Carpet

  • Surface appearance is textured
  • Stylish, casual appearance
  • Won’t show vacuum cleaner marks or footprints
  • Very popular carpet style today
  • Good choice for active areas of the home

Frieze CarpetFrieze Carpet

  • Very textured, knobby surface appearance
  • Extremely durable, and excellent wearing
  • Yarns very tightly twisted
  • Will cost more than textured cut pile carpets
  • Great for active areas of the home

Cut & Uncut Patterned CarpetCut & Uncut Patterned Carpet

  • Intermixed loops and cut pile, creates a patterned design
  • Loops are shorter than the cut pile creating a carved appearance
  • Usually constructed in multi-color designs
  • Helps hide footprints and traffic patterns
  • Great choice for a variety of room settings

Level Loop CarpetsLevel Loop Carpets

  • Loops are same height and generally multi-colored
  • Usually made from polypropylene (olefin) carpet fibers
  • Often called Indoor-Outdoor or Commercial Carpet
  • Casual appearance, but extremely durable
  • Great for family rooms or basements

Multi-Level Loop CarpetsMulti-Level Loop Carpets

  • Has several different heights of loops
  • Generally multi-colored
  • Very durable, casual appearance
  • Offered in many unique looking designs and patterns
  • Helps hides traffic patterns

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